Resource Economics

Resource economics defines the flow of wood and other materials from tree to final product. It defines the scope for value-added through labor and capital. But not all wood is created equal. Topography, climate, soils and timberland management combine to produce a wide variety of species, wood morphology, wood attributes…..and manufacturing challenges.

Within the forest sector and wood products industry, along with construction and homebuilding, wood can be part of the end product.

Driven by strong competitive pressures, developers, homebuilders, manufacturers of building materials, distributors and industry associations increasingly are working together to reduce the per square foot cost of housing and to help build even higher quality homes, at affordable prices, than are available today. It’s a key aspect of the global supply chain evolution.

At Woodbridge Associates, we understand what defines the characteristics of wood and the manufacturing economics of wood processing. With our market focus, we provide services to our clients from plantation economics to species, size and product optimization.